The 3Cs mapping project:

Open access to parcel level information in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio.
Neighborhoods • Ownership • Taxes • Land Use • Surveys • More

An invitation for the 3Cs nonprofit community:

If you're a nonprofit and/or community-focused organization (block club, neighborhood association, etc) in Cleveland, Cincinnati, or Columbus, please write to us at for a free Loveland Site Control account where you can privately make your own maps and then selectively share them to the public map.

Thank you to JPMorgan Chase for making this possible.

How to use & contribute to the site:

1. Explore the maps

Click around the maps to see parcel-level data for cities and neighborhoods, including property ownership, zoning, sale prices, and taxes. Click "Explore datasets" to open up a panel with additional datasets for each city. Click "Add to Map" to visualize the dataset. Click Query to further filter the data on the map.

2. Add your own data

If you have a spreadsheet with an address, parcel ID, or latitude-longitude column, you can easily visualize it on the map and share it with other people. Click "Explore datasets" and then click "Add your own data." From there you simply import your file and then give it a name, description, and credit the source. It's never been easier to make and share awesome maps.

We're signing up data partners in each city who want to help find and update new information. If you're interested, or if you need data that's not currently on the map, please email

3. Survey properties

Download the Loveland Survey App for iPhone or Android to photograph to photograph and survey properties from the field. Each city starts with a Sandbox Survey where you can test out sending pictures and information to the public map. Watch out for official citywide and neighborhood surveys, and if you want to start your own public survey, email

This project provides new insight into the land grid of Ohio's 3 largest cities. It is a tool for governments, residents, community organizations, and builders to get on the same page as our cities grow and change.

Information is compiled from a variety of local sources that will be updated and expanded over time. Watch the trailer below to learn more.

Contact Loveland Technologies at with project questions or to get involved.

Technology developed by LOVELAND Technologies Direction by Western Reserve Land Conservancy and local partners in each city Funding by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation